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The Holy Bible is a spiritual two way mirror between us and God. His children can see right through it, while those of us with earthly images of God remain on the outside looking in.

Family is God's masterpiece, the Holy Father, our Holy Brother, and the Holy Spirit.
When you pray you are talking to your Heavenly Father.
When you read the Holy Bible for yourself, your Heavenly Father is talking to you.

Just read the Old Testement, an eye for an eye,
but live in the Gospel, turn the other cheek and pray for your enemies.
Even if you read the Holy Bible online read the Holy Gospel first, starting with Matthew through Revelation, in it's proper context.

The American Bible Society has the Holy Bible in more than 40 different languages. Ask for a free catalog, the Holy Bible comes in many fonts and many sizes.

Now you can read the Holy Bible for yourselves in your own native tounge.

All human life is precious. I've learned about your organized religion now hear about Faith. No outsiders, no infidels, no gentiles, etc., just people, and the Living God loves you more than life itself!
The Living God teaches "Love The Father above all others, love all others as you love yourself and love family even more". With His blood He changed a symbol of death, the Cross, into the symbol of eternal life.
We are all God's children.

Now Diciple means: Only learn about the Kingdom of Heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Bible is alive. When you read it for yourself with no human intervention your Holy Gospel will become your own version of God's Word like nobody else's version on Earth.

People of all religions believe in the Holy Spirit of God so let the Holy Spirit be your Teacher and show you The Way. The New Testement (The Holy Gospel) is The Way, the Truth, and the Life written by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit of God that gives New Life is the same Devine Power that , began creation and gave Christ Jesus (Christmas and Easter) New Life from above twice. Jesus is his own witness in Christ.

Hear all others including myself but, listen only to the Holy Spirit of God.
Some things we believe to be true are not
and some things we don't believe to be true are.

"Just Ask, search, knock and the power of the Holy Spirit will come over you
to teach you, to comfort you, to encourage you, to defend you, to Baptize you."

Read the most important devine message in the world (the Holy Gospel) for yourself and listen only to what The Holy Spirit teaches you.

People of the World. Your Church, your Temple, your Mosque, your tavern, etc. is your fellowship, your community. But the Holy Bible (Gospel) is your salvation. Pray by the power of the Holy Spirit, begin each prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit, and continue to pray for wisdom as you read God's Word for yourself.

Don't read any other book about the Holy Bible, read only the Holy Bible itself and
continue praying for wisdom as you do.

Don't take anybody else's word for it just take God's word for it.

God's Word is the spiritual food we need each day. Read the Holy Gospel for yourself and digest the power of the Holy Spirit into your mind and into your heart forever.

No solicitation ever, no donations ever wanted!

To receive the Holy Bible (The Holy Gospel) in English at no charge call Bill Willix at 973-263-1966. Or, to buy the Holy Bible in other languages, call the American Bible Society 1-800-322-4253.

Visit The American Bible Society at

Understanding the Hebrew, Jewish, Christian Holy Bible... The Hebrew message (parable) is Genesis (Abraham's faith, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob). The Jewish message is (The Shadow of Christ), Exodous to Moses to Malakai. The Good News (The Holy Gospel) is Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to Jude and Revelation. First read The Holy Gospel (The Way, The Truth, and The Life) then by the power of the Holy Spirit from within read Adam to Abraham to Moses to Malakai to Almighty God, your heavenly Father.

Be sure that the adolescent children in your family read the Holy Gospel cover to cover in its proper context for themselves before being exposed to the wrong teachings of the world.

My prayer... By the power of The Holy Spirit, Christ (The Chosen One) Jesus (The Lord Saves) Immanuel (God with us), The Chosen One who saves is with us. Christ Jesus Immanuel forever and ever, Amen.

The only way to the Father is through the Son and the Son is the Gospel (The Good News),
He is Risen!

People do need every word that God has spoken. The Resurrection (He is Risen) of Jesus is fulfillment of The Old Testament. First start with the Gospel. Then, with your new divine understanding of God's Word, Jesus, the Holy Spirit will be teaching you from within. Then read the Old Testament.

As you do read The Gospel for yourself those earthly images of God, Bible stories, angels, supernatural beings, human preachers, etc. will tranform into Bible messages through spiritual messengers by the power of the Holy Spirit that is by now teaching you from within through your heart and through your mind.

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